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Colin Blair
Former Project Lead, 
Open RIA Services

Open RIA Services is a framework for building rich internet applications (especially line of business applications), providing client/server interaction.  Open RIA Services enables developers to author business logic on the familiar ASP.NET platform and have the same business logic apply on the client.  By providing Unit-of-Work operations and deep validation functionality, developers spend more time focusing on their own application requirements and less time implementing communication protocols between the client and server.

The Open RIA Services framework composes server-side functionality, client-side functionality, and tooling as separate sets of libraries.  The server-side libraries provide prescriptive patterns for business logic classes to communicate with data access libraries and to define the validation rules to apply on both the server and the client.  The client-side libraries provide the underlying capabilities for the application client to communicate with the server, and to build up the unit of work to be sent to the server.  The tooling libraries perform code generation to expose the server-side entities and operations to the client with a rich and domain-specific programming model.


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